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Mishandling Non-profit Funds Leads to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

by Gourjian Law Group on December 18, 2019

Even the most virtuous people may have to file for bankruptcy. The former head of the L.A.-based anti-poverty nonprofit, Youth Policy Institute, recently filed for bankruptcy in 2019. This process can be difficult and strenuous on anyone and there are many reasons why you want a well-seasoned lawyer on your side to guide the way.

Filing for bankruptcy will affect your credit. One of the biggest deterrents for filing bankruptcy is in one swing, all good credit history will be swept away. On top of that, it can leave a lasting mark on your credit by remaining on your credit report for up to 10 years. You will also be required to declare your bankruptcy filing to future employers, lenders, and on various government forms.


In short, filing for bankruptcy will follow you. That is why it’s important to have an experienced team navigating these treacherous waters for you. Trusted across Southern California, Gourjian Law Group is ready to handle your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and get you through this tumultuous time.

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